Artist Stops Oil Pipeline Cold

Arist Peter Von Tiesenausen
Arist Peter Von Tiesenausen

[Posted here on 6/2/2014Artist Stops Oil Pipeline Cold Alberta artist, Peter von Tiesenhausen, has effectively stopped oil corporations from putting a pipeline through his 800 acre property by covering it with artwork and copyrighting the top six inches of his land as an artwork.

Realizing that mining companies can legitimately lay claim to any land underneath private property to a depth of six inches, van Tiesenhausen contacted a lawyer who drew up an intellectual property/copyright claim that said that if the oil company disturbed the top six inches in any way, it would be a copyright violation.
~ Terry Dawes, Cantech Letter

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Lily Cole on The Gift Economy

Lily Cole One On One
Lily Cole One On One

Lily Cole on The Gift Economy (article at the HuffingtonPost).  [Editor’s note: anyone who is under 30, is already a successful entrepreneur, has gone to Burning Man, and is backing her own utopian vision with real effort & cash deserves our attention!]

See her site at  “” for more detail on her project.

Article excerpt: At just 26, Lily has already carved out an incredibly successful career as a model and actress and graduated from Cambridge University. On top of that, she’s just launched, a website and app that encourages people to do things for others for free. It’s based on the idea of a gift economy, a mode of exchange where things are not sold but given. The site encourages people to post wishes of things that they want or need help with, and offer what they can give. Lily says she hopes the site creates a community that fosters giving and receiving. Continue reading Lily Cole on The Gift Economy

12-year-old Madison Kimrey already fighting for right to vote


Madison Kimrey
Madison Kimrey

12-year-old already fighting for right to vote. Interview by Melissa Harris-Perry of Madison Kimrey, a 12-year old North Carolina political activist. She’s really awesome: eloquent, intelligent,  passionate, and (I’ll say it, please pardon the implied sexism): “cute” (but VERY effective IMHO).

Besides this interview, which focussed on her work last year speaking on the right to vote (and voter suppression laws in NC), she also recently published a written response to a recent article by Phyllis Schlafly that is absolutely classic (see the recent Daily Kos article on this topic).

Hope she’s indicative of the style and power of the newest generation coming up the pike.  She also writes a regular blog entitled “Functional Human Being” (also quite impressive).

Houston Heros

Clean Logo
Clean Logo

Houston Heros : Get to know some very remarkable people involved in improving the environment. Our People Who Make a Difference series recognizes and congratulates those individuals that are truly making making a difference in their communities through courage, compassion, activism and dedication.

5-Year Old Protests Westboro Baptist Church with Lemonade Stand

Pink Lemonade Stand for Peace (WBC protest)
Pink Lemonade Stand

[Posted on 4/7/14] 5-Year Old Protests Westboro Baptist Church with Lemonade Stand.

A delightful update: Last week, 5-year old, Jayden, put up her Pink Lemonade Stand For Peace, in front of Equality House, which happens to be across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church Compound. Continue reading 5-Year Old Protests Westboro Baptist Church with Lemonade Stand

Plant It Forward: Houston-based community farming

Plant It Forward Farms
Plant It Forward Farms

[Posted on 4/3/14]: Plant It Forward: Houston-based community farming. Houston is a desert when it comes to fresh, locally grown food. We import almost all of the food we consume, even though eight out of ten Houstonians say locally grown food is important to them. Fresh produce is in such high demand and short supply in Houston, that even our most visionary grocery stores are labeling produce from El Paso — the equivalent distance as Nashville — as “local!” As a city overflowing with land, sun and water, we deserve the infrastructure to be able to grow and purchase healthy, fresh and local food.

Plant It Forward Farms brings together the people and resources needed to make that vision a reality. Continue reading Plant It Forward: Houston-based community farming

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